Peru Backpackers

Friday, February 24, 2006

Ana and Jessica From USA

We were so happy to receive our first tourist Anna and Jessica from USA. For us, it was our first experience in our lives. Next day f their arrive we prepare as typical food "CEVICHE" with a Inka Kola, a typical drink in Peru.
Salud por el PERU...
Drinking "Pisco Sour", a typical drink in Peru. It was very delicius to take Pisco for them. We had a party, birthday of my uncle Alberto Leon, we met in his house, in the town of La Victoria. That´s near of my house. We danced a lot, Ana likes to dance a lot.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Welcome to Peru Backpackers

Welcome all the backpacker that love to travel, to all them, Welcome to PeruDears Friends I´m Manuel from Peru. I like to travel a lot I know Argentine, Brasil, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador and Bolivia. After to know all these countries, I started to think a diferent way. I decided to turn my house into an hostel. We´ve named it "Peru Backpackers". When I travelled to Southamerica, I met a lot of friends. That was wonderful to share experiences with people of other countries, I learned a lot of new things.
Well, me and my family decided to turn our house into an hostel for all the people who arrive to Peru. We´ve received some tourist, from USA, Canada, Hungary, Poland, Brasil, all of them were very happy. really that´s is a experience very amazing to shase many things with people from diferent countries.

Peru Backpackers
Lima - Peru
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