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Friday, February 10, 2006

Welcome to Peru Backpackers

Welcome all the backpacker that love to travel, to all them, Welcome to PeruDears Friends I´m Manuel from Peru. I like to travel a lot I know Argentine, Brasil, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador and Bolivia. After to know all these countries, I started to think a diferent way. I decided to turn my house into an hostel. We´ve named it "Peru Backpackers". When I travelled to Southamerica, I met a lot of friends. That was wonderful to share experiences with people of other countries, I learned a lot of new things.
Well, me and my family decided to turn our house into an hostel for all the people who arrive to Peru. We´ve received some tourist, from USA, Canada, Hungary, Poland, Brasil, all of them were very happy. really that´s is a experience very amazing to shase many things with people from diferent countries.

Peru Backpackers
Lima - Peru
Telf.: 51-1 4243405
Jr. Huancabamba 949 - (Alt. 8 Av. Arica)
Lima 5, Peru


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